7 Breakthrough Advertising Tips for 2015

The end of another successful year and the starting line of a new one is the perfect opportunity to analyze the trends driving advertising today. Though every industry differs, the fundamental principles of marketing remain constant. No matter where you are in planning your 2015 marketing strategy, it’s not too late to optimize your campaign using these breakthrough tips:

  1. Outdoor advertising rules. In an age where everything is going digital, outdoor advertising cuts through the clutter. Billboard and outdoor advertising is booming at 3.1% annual growth since 2009, and the trend shows no sign of slowing. Unlike digital ads that users ignore, scrolling and mobile billboards help you stand apart from the competition.
  2. Don’t forget the physical. While it’s critical to invest in online marketing, 82 percent of customers still prefer brick and mortar shopping, making traditional marketing equally important. Thus, don’t neglect local advertising as a key component of your marketing strategy.
  3. Content is king. As you continue your digital marketing efforts, keep your focus on content. Whether it’s short form content (such as tweets) or long form content (such as whitepapers), the foundation of your online presence should be built on valuable information for your end client.
  4. Think big. The most effective outdoor advertising campaigns are those that holistically cover specific geographical areas. One billboard is not cheap, but it’s not as effective as multiple ones either. Reevaluate your budget and focus on traffic, visibility, location, size and similar factors when planning your outdoor billboard advertising campaign.
  5. Don’t just focus on business. An estimated 83 percent of consumers believe businesses should support charity and nonprofit organizations. If your business supports good causes, chances are consumers will be more likely to back your business!
  6. Utilize social media. Though “social media marketing” has been a dominant buzz word the last few years, very few businesses fully utilize it to its full capability. In 2015, be sure to harness social media as a platform for customer service. Aside from marketing, social media offers broader potential for business growth and customer retention.
  7. Embrace simplicity. Whether it’s in digital marketing or scrolling billboard advertising, simplicity is a leading trends in today’s marketplace. Simple advertisements tend to get a stronger response. Remember, audiences are exposed to ads for no more than four or five seconds. What message can you convey in the blink of an eye?

At nomADicgenius, we have the experience and expertise to ensure your outdoor billboard advertising campaign is a success. No matter your mobile advertising needs, we have the solutions to let you hit the road running in the coming year. Are you ready for 2015?

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