Benefits Of Being Able To Change Billboards On The Fly

Digital signage is to branding what Mac is to Cheese – the all-time complementor. It’s eye-catching, it’s memorable and it allows you to change your billboards on the fly. The advantages and benefits to using this method of marketing are virtually endless, but we’ve whittled them down to a select few for you to enjoy and consider:

Indirect Marketing

Let’s say I sell doors, door-to-door. One afternoon, I knock on your door and enquire if you would like to purchase one of my doors. You respectfully refuse – you already have a door, after all. However, if I slap a giant billboard in the center of your town advertising my array of doors that you see every morning on your way to work, if you ever did want to purchase a new door, I bet you I would be the first name that comes to mind.

What indirect marketing really brings to the table is it offers up marketing strategies that bring benefits outside of just products and services. Social Media relevancy, blogs and multimedia as well as the entertainment and expert knowledge that comes from them, make indirect marketing a gold mine for any companies marketing strategy.

Notoriety and Visibility

In a world filled with an increasing number of new brands and products, changing your electric billboards on the fly will draw the attention of consumers.

Adaption is a key area that companies need to consider when dealing with the demanding nature of digital customers. If a consumer who is looking to purchase a product and the brand is physically present in front of them, this will lead them to remembering the brand, recommending it to friends and family and continuing to return to that brand themselves. Recognition is extremely important.

It is often the case that digital billboards are in either a public or a private environment and they display interactive ads and campaigns that can vastly increase sales and ROI (but we’ll get into that a bit later). Put simply, the more recognition there is, the more notoriety and visibility there is and the more they will increase.

The Creative Advantage

Another powerful benefit is simply what you, the marketer, can do with this technology and how far reaching and intricate you can get with it.

Creativity is the key word here.

Being able to engage your audience and communicate with them in such a flexible range is truly priceless to your business (as well as not breaking the budget). Digital signage means creating new interactive experiences to draw in your customer and keep them there. The possibilities stretch into infinity.

Return On Investment

This is what it’s really all about. How can the application of electronic billboards increase the size of your company bank account? Well, let’s look at an example:

Partteam & OemKiosks are a Portuguese digital marketing solutions company who develop and manufacture multimedia kiosks, digital billboards, self-service equipment, interactive tables and other digital solutions for all types of sectors and industries.

At a popular annual Portuguese music festival called, NOS ALIVE, the company personalised interactive digital billboards at the event which had many features including: Taking selfies (Interactive photo booths) which allowed the audience to have fun and keep a unique souvenir of the event, view the program of the event, consult the site map (AKA: Wayfinding) and providing the public transport timetable available for the event, among others.

The results were fascinating. There were more than more than 6000 selfies were, over 50,000 interactions with their digital billboards, and 10,000 people who used the wayfinding service to locate themselves in the space of the event. ROI went through the roof.

The possibilities are endless for this technology, and any company looking to increase their ROI, their notoriety or their customer experiences should have changeable LED billboards at the top of their marketing budget list.

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