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5 Reasons To Try Video Back Packs For Engaging Advertising

Imagine these billboards were on the move!

LED video backpacks are new. So new, in fact, that many advertising departments are completely unaware of their existence, meaning they are completely unaware of the huge reach they have in attracting new consumers and the ROI that comes with it. Here are 5 reasons for you to seriously consider looking at LED video backpacks to promote your brand. Enjoy!

1. They’re Eye-Catching

With fully versatile LED displays, an advertising backpack is ideal for catching the eyes of your potential consumers. If you were walking down the street with one on your back, people would have to force themselves not to look at it – I mean, who wouldn’t look at the guy with the electric billboard on his back?

The ability to catch the attention of the public is the key to indirect marketing. Those who previously had no idea about your brand will be instantly questioning who the company is behind this new and extravagant piece of technology.

2. Well…They’re Mobile!

That’s right, you can pick up your video backpacks and carry them wherever you like, enabling you to spread your advertising message where other ads cannot go.

The fact that your video backpack can display your brand on the move means that your product will be exposed to more than one audience, people from far and wide will be chasing you down the street or at the very least taking note of your brand and product.

3. Brand Ambassadors

Trade shows and events are your bread and butter. It is here that you get to network with and interact among your preferred target audience and to show off what your company has and how it can be of benefit to the consumer. What better way to do that than to strap an advertising backpack to yourself (or to your newest intern) and parade around the showroom floor, flashing your eye-catching company advertisements for all to see and be enthralled by?

Using a ‘brand ambassador’ to carry around your LED video backpack at any event is a fantastic and efficient way of drawing traffic to your business stand. They will have all the knowledge and be able to penetrate hard to reach areas and events that suit your preferred business perfectly.

4. Human Interaction

If you wear it, they’ll watch it – and if they watch it, they’ll more than likely want to speak to you about it. Your Brand Ambassadors who wear the backpacks themselves will be ready to answer any and all questions that trade show attendees or the public at large have about your brand, your products or your services.

The human interaction element of video backpacks brings a whole new dimension to brand advertising. Now your potential consumers can get feedback from the brand they have just seen, instantly. This will but you much further ahead of any of your competitors who only use static billboards for their products. Not only can you instantly change and alter you mobile LED billboards, but you can interact with people on the ground and answer any queries they may have. This is precious and a fantastic advantage of this technology.

5. Street Teams

Do you know what’s better than a brand ambassador handling your on the ground advertising? A whole team of them! Festivals, public gatherings and any major event that involves the amalgamation of looks of people are perfect for street teams to go forth and bring in new consumers. The sheer number of eyes being drawn to your brand will make this a very worthy investment, which will be reflected strongly in your ROI.

Image: Alex Knight, agkdesign

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