Surprising Facts About Mobile Billboard Advertising

Mobile billboards are an excellent form of out-of-home advertising. These help create brand awareness and help you target customers through diverse demographics. With an eye-catching advertisement placed on a massive moving truck, it is hard for your audience to miss the message. What else can this non-traditional advertising format do? Check out these surprising and interesting facts about mobile billboards to help you better decision-making in your customers’ purchase journey.

There Is Longevity

The size and the proximity of mobile ads get people to notice them and reach the business in need. Also, as these trucks drive down to the highway or get stuck in rush-hour traffic, the ad, too, gets to stay for much longer with the same drivers. It gives the drivers or passengers the time to see the ad and take appropriate actions. Since billboard trucks are pretty big, it is hard not to look at them and consume the ad message.

It Is Economical

Sure, out-of-home advertising might not come in cheap. But it isn’t disproportionately costly either. When the mobile billboard format was first introduced, the costs could go up to around $40,000 to cover a truck with a vinyl ad. Today, it is relatively inexpensive and starts as low as $1,250 per truck per 8 hour period. At this rate, the format makes a logical option for at least a few years of use.

These Can Be Reflective

Today, mobile billboards can be much more detailed and compelling. You can opt for reflective printing to grasp opportunities beyond daylight hours. Besides, LED billboards are also a popular choice among several marketers. This way, you can easily change your ads to suit different times and circumstances.

You Get the Most Bang for Your Buck

A digital mobile billboard is probably the most economical ad format for your marketing budget. Besides, it is value for money, and you can easily reach a thousand people in just a few cents, compared to a television commercial that can incur much more cost-per-thousand (CPM) viewers.

Revolutionize Your Ad Campaign With nomADic Genius

Whether a startup, a small business, or a larger enterprise, each one needs practical and workable marketing campaigns to get the word out. Now, how you approach your advertising strategies makes or breaks your success. You have wide-ranging choices that can guarantee a vast customer reach, and mobile billboards can help you achieve your marketing goals as effectively as any other ad channel.

If you haven’t yet considered this option, now is the time. With the ongoing pandemic, we are seeing a paradigm shift in how businesses approach customer acquisition and retention. Make things even better and greater this year with digital out-of-home advertising and grab business on the go.

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