How Is Mobile Billboard Advertising Thriving In The Digital Advertising Era?

Mobile billboard advertising, an OOH format, directly reaches drivers and pedestrians and makes your brand unforgettable. When you want to get that extra attention, out-of-home advertisements are the way to go. If placed right, reaching the right audience and at the right time, these can create a significant impression that remains unmatched by digital ads. But, how do mobile billboards thrive despite the easy accessibility and maximized reach of digital ads? Let’s find out.

OOH Is Thriving

The advancement of mobile billboards can be attributed to the increasing popularity of the out-of-home advertising market. Small scale companies and mega businesses both utilize this platform, which is experiencing growth year by year. These ads are bold, carry dynamic visuals, and go without opening different web pages to view the advertisement like online platforms. OOH ads are where your customers are and cannot be deleted, blocked, or swiped. So, where on one side, digital ads are commonplace, 25.8% of internet users are also seen using ad blockers, which is why OOH is still thriving and getting you the opportunities you might miss otherwise.

Mobile Billboards Can Bring Your Brand Success

There is a long rambling list of why mobile billboards are still succeeding today. But here are some hard facts why you’d want to take advantage of this platform while also integrating digital strategies (i.e., digital out-of-home advertising).

Mobile billboards have a higher recall across numerous segments and can quickly reach the specific target market. These go directly to where your audience lives and where it will resonate the most. Intelligent location mapping further helps identify the most strategic routes, and you can also utilize additional insights to target interests.

Unlike stationary ads, mobile ads have better engagement value and brand salience. Also, the bigger the size of the ad, the more moving factor it involves. Those larger-than-life ads are certainly the need of the hour in the world full of clutter. These clubbed with smartphone campaigns amplify the reach 10x and offer credibility, producing better online engagement.

Besides, such a non-traditional advertising format has that human touch to all facets of its existence. A designated person keeps a tab on how the ad performs and ensures it stays intact. You can utilize the latest fleet technologies to ensure brand safety. It also makes for an exciting response generation medium since people do not find non-traditional advertising formats everywhere.

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