Top OOH Trends of 2022 to Boost Your Business

This year is shaping up to be an action-packed year on the marketing front. OOH advertising is an already fast-growing industry, and it is only set to expand further as technology advances and brands explore better opportunities. In 2022, we can witness a rise in newer marketing products and services. To help you meet the ever-evolving customer expectations, the nomADic Genius experts discuss the top 2022 OOH trends to help you scale your business, especially after a highly disruptive, pandemic era.

Heavy Ad Spenders

The dynamics of OOH are transforming. You have the ease of altering creatives, employing programmatic solutions, and back it all with data and science. The addition of numerous advertising options will invite heavy ad spenders. Delivery apps, financial institutions, local stores, and OTTs will surely come in commanding categories.

Multiple OOH Formats

We can anticipate seeing an increase in digital OOH formats, especially in malls, airports, and throughout all public vehicles. Mobile billboards and taxi top displays, for instance, will allow more freedom to tweak campaigns in real-time for greater effectiveness. Specialist OOH agencies will step in with increased bandwidth. Omnichannel campaigns will grow significantly. Data and tech-led platforms will be more prominent.

LED Truck Advertising

Digital mobile billboards are the way forward. Truck advertising is gradually catching up and making for one of the most prominent marketing strategies for many local and national businesses. Mobile billboards have a long-standing history as a successful model of experiential marketing. The advent of specially-designed trucks has made it even more creative, unique, and attention-grabbing. These vehicles have customizable routes and can also be parked in popular areas. If you are looking to drive more sales, truck advertising is an excellent way to promote your brand.

Experiential Trends

As we familiarize ourselves with the effects of the pandemic, brands and consumers are warming up to experiential marketing. In the coming times, experiential marketing will bounce back to pre-covid levels. Eventually, we will witness an upsurge in on-ground events. A hybrid model will also help reach a wider audience and generate more revenue.

Environmental Care

Environmental awareness is at the fore, even more so since the pandemic hit global economies. Brands are now finding innovative ways to be less wasteful. Consumers understand that the ecological footprint holds much importance to save the planet. As a result, brands are revisiting their business models and incorporating eco-friendly out-of-home advertising strategies. In addition, maintain transparency with your audience so they can trust you more and choose you over your competitors.

In the End

Digital out-of-home advertising is one of the many pillars of your overall marketing objectives. It is different from traditional forms and is now embracing a digital transformation. We have touched the top trends that will make it big in 2022, but you never know what the industry will have up its sleeve. Keep your eyes and ears open as the segment continues to grow. Fasten your seatbelts, for there is so much to look forward to. Contact us today to learn about our hyper-personalized OOH services.

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