Grab More Attention with LED Mobile Billboards

Attention grabbing; yes, but mobile – no.
Image: Karl Bewick

Perhaps the biggest advantage that LED Mobile displays have over static billboards or any other advertising framework that you can think of, is their attention-grabbing capabilities. The bright neon of lights and the grand dynamic displays, passers-by won’t have any choice but to take stock of your advertising advertisement. Needless to say, the average Joe or Jill on the street will be much more likely to not only pick out your billboard, but it will also stick in their mind long after they’ve seen it.

Attention Grabbers

They’re like little suns in the night sky. Bright, flashy and perfect for grabbing your potential consumer by the throat and forcing them to take note of your brand. If you plan to advertise at a festival or any large gathering of people where you will have plenty of competition to grab attention – an LED mobile billboard is a must.

Your business has a much higher chance of drawing more people towards your brand, your brands message and you have the increased likelihood of starting those all-important conversations.

There’s No Shelf Life

Static billboards often stay up in the one location for 2 weeks to 1 month. These provide you some brand exposure but if your campaign goes beyond a couple of weeks it will cause problems with your location. No one likes paying for a month of work but only receiving the benefit for 2 weeks.

Wouldn’t it be nice if you could control how long your campaign ran for? Then your LED mobile billboards could stay as active for as long as you wished them too. If there is a particular demographic you want to reach at a certain time of day, this is a perfect means in which to get in contact with them. Displaying your mobile billboards for the length of time you wish and to have them so they can travel to which ever location you desire them to, is a massive step up from the competition.

Location, Location, Location

Static billboards have one location. But LED mobile billboards can go anywhere they like. On the sides of trucks, on the roofs of taxi cabs or even on mobile backpacks. The fact that LED mobile billboards allow this higher degree of versatility is a big reason why they are an essential addition to your marketing budget.

The fact that you can change your locations at a moments notice is a substantial advantage. If the spot you have at that festival isn’t attracting the kind of numbers you hoped, just move to the spot where everyone is. The mobility of your LED billboards is crucial and is a very useful addition to the many benefits of this technology.

Interchangeable Ads

One of the most original advantages of LED mobile displays is that you have complete control over video content that goes into them. You can display whatever content on these LED screens that you like at designated times, at regular intervals and you are in complete control of what is shown.

The possibilities are endless here, but if you were looking to advertise your bar or restaurant, you could use these interchangeable ads to show consumers that your happy hour is about to start. You could have a worker wearing an LED Mobile backpack advertising your night club’s live music line up in a public area.

The information you transmit from your LED mobile displays can be completely unique and specialized to unique audiences. The number of ads, their frequency and the time of day you wish to show them is all up to you and ads a several new layers to your marketing strategy.

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