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Why Customers Love 3D Mobile Displays

There’s a lot more at the end of the tunnel when it comes to 3D Mobile displays

What is it about 3D mobiles displays that makes them so engaging to customers and so useful to businesses? In short, the efficiency, the ease of access and the sheer number of potential consumers who can be made aware of your brand. This is indirect marketing at its simplest and most effective.

We all check our cell phones numerous times a day and when it comes to advertisements, ad’s on 3D displays are the majority of customers favorite place to see them. Ads on websites, on social media or created for targeted ad campaigns are where your next potential customers are most likely to come from.

How Many Customers Are We Talking About Here?

According to Statista, 3.3 billion people own smartphones worldwide. That’s almost half the people alive on the planet and, needless to say, a truly gigantic number of potential consumers who could be viewing your brand.

In the information age that we all gratefully live in; this is a staggering statistic. Any advertisement received on a 3D mobile display through a smartphone can potentially be seen by an enormous, far reaching audience. This technology is vital for any business looking to expand the reach of their brand and get as many eyes on their advert as humanly possible.

So, How Does it Work?

As well as the vast range of potential consumers, it also has an incredibly low CPM (Cost-per-Impression). Rather like if you stood on the main street in your local town or city holding a sign that read, ‘Golf Sale’ with the intention of driving golf enthusiasts to your new store, only a small percentage will be golf fans and only and even smaller percentage of them will be looking to buy new clubs, bags or tees. Not only that, but the CPM of your golf sale advert is quite high – you have to pay for the sign to be made and printed and you have to fork out the fee for your marketing associate to stand there all day holding it.

Conversely, your 3D mobile advertisement will cost you the price for just that alone and the small fee provided to the platform provider. That’s it. Now those 3.3 billion people are your potential consumer base and the internet itself is your customer range. Yes, it really is that simple.

Yeah, But, Does it Work, Though?

The short answer is – yes. But we’ll give you a bit more than that. We have highlighted an example summary of a case study to show exactly how 3D mobile displays have worked before and how a similar strategy can work for you:

A New York City Museum wanted to increase their attendance for an upcoming exhibit they were holding. They set up a large transit hub at a major tourist spot in the city, filled with 3D billboards as well as easy to access 3D mobile displays, featuring plaques that were reminiscent of ones found in their museums. The results were staggering! Over 2 million people attended the museums exhibit as well as over 266 million social media and press impressions as the campaign ran its course.

Don’t believe me? Here is the summary of the exhibit event: Case Study

Mobile Out-Of-Home (OOH) advertising is extremely popular and is gaining more traction and attention by the day, and this museum case study is but one example of it. The ability to bring brand recognition and vastly improve your conversion rates through 3D mobile advertising is a tried, tested and passed method of giving your ROI the welcome uplift that it needs.

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