How Can Mobile Billboard Advertising Promote Your Business Opening?

For new businesses in the city looking forward to a big start, hop on to the digital out-of-home advertising trend. It is a fantastic opportunity to promote your business and start getting leads. We totally understand that trying just any ad platform for your new business may be scary. But, out-of-home advertising or truck advertising, to be precise, has been thriving for years and keeps businesses moving and rolling despite the competition.

Why Use Mobile Billboards?

A non-traditional advertising method such as a mobile billboard is fun, unique, and can certainly get your name out and where you want it to go. It is the newest trend and can make your business a household name with time. Also, it is flexible, cost-effective, and the most eye-catching option. It grabs the attention of pedestrians and also those in cars or public transport. Folks can’t help but look at a truck ad passing by. Moreover, a competent designer can create a unique static or digital ad suitable for a truck and help your campaign thrive.

Coming to the costs, placing just one billboard ad can do the work of several more at the price of one. Online advertising may be your priority since you are just starting. But, believe us, mobile billboards are equally effective, level up your marketing campaigns, and do not cost a fortune. It has a higher ROI, unlike many other ad formats.

Plus, you can also decide the route for your ads. For instance, the truck ad can target specific areas such as a particular neighborhood, major roads, or popular parks. You can have the ad parked at an event, store, or locality to let passersby know about you. This way, you can reach different and wider markets than stationary or online ads, which are always at the risk of being skipped altogether. The movability factor of mobile billboards is what makes them a powerful tool of advertising.

We Can Help!

If you plan to announce the opening of your new company and want to give mobile billboard advertising a shot, give us a call. You will be glad you did! We can help you easily navigate your options. You can keep campaigning with mobile billboards for weeks or even months together. It is a creative and effective way to get the word out there.

At nomADic Genius, we also utilize trucks with huge screens, and the ad mounted on all sides. We have the latest LED technology and innovative tools to track the success of your digital out-of-home advertising campaigns. All in all, it is an incredible idea to promote your business and generate more in-store traffic.

Contact us today to learn more about our mobile billboard services in your target areas.

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