Using a Mobile Billboard Truck to Promote Your Restaurant

In the restaurant business, competition can be fierce, especially if there is a great culinary scene in your area. Thus, mobile trucks are a unique and compelling form of advertising. Placing a mobile billboard is a fun way to promote your brand and its offerings. Besides, it is highly effective and gets you that much-needed exposure. What else?

It Is Attention-Grabbing

Studies suggest that more than 90% of drivers admit noticing a mobile billboard ad on the go. Imagine combining the ad with incredible graphics, a customizable route, and your restaurant advertisement will be unstoppable.

Static billboards are excellent, but they gradually fade into the background. With non-traditional advertising formats, you have the peace of mind that the right audience sees your ad, and your marketing budgets can stretch a little more.

Visuals Are a Key Element

Advertising trucks are enormous, so the accompanying visuals are enticing. A mobile billboard featuring your restaurant name, location, and best-selling dishes helps you get new faces on the restaurant door. This is your ultimate opportunity to turn visitors into repeat customers.

You Can Feature Specials

If you feature specials, promotions, discounts, or the like, a mobile billboard is a great way to help potential customers know about it. A kid’s night, ladies special, happy hours, live music, or BOGO offers, for instance, can easily be promoted through a mobile billboard. Provide the necessary information and get the word out. Give people a reason to visit you and keep coming back.

Publicize Openings

Are you a new restaurant in town? There’s no better way to attract customers than hi-res visuals of scrumptious offerings at your restaurant. An oversized mobile billboard placed exactly where people will want to know about it is a great way to get the word out.

Time Your Ad Carefully

If you plan on having your mobile billboard travel around the area, time the journey strategically. If you offer a takeaway or delivery, route the truck in a high-traffic area where people drive back home or are in a morning rush. Because at such hours, they’d certainly find it easy to grab some food on the go.

Timing is everything, especially if you wish to target a particular niche. This will drive better sales and grow your business significantly.

Key Takeaway

If you are looking to boost your restaurant business, digital out-of-home advertising must be on the top of your to-do list. Truck-side advertising catches people’s attention on the go. These aren’t limited to a single image, and you can add some twist with better graphics to pull in more customers.

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